Saturday, March 20, 2010

Disney Tips!

Very Important Tip!
The first thing you should do when you buy Walt Disney World tickets is make a photocopy of the reverse side (the side with the magnetic stripe). If you lose your ticket, your only hope of getting it replaced is to have the coded information on the back. The seemingly random numbers, letters and dates you'll see in a couple of locations on the backs of your tickets will help Disney replace the tickets if you lose them. Disney will usually reissue a pass if you can provide that information, though it is not obligated to do so: the tickets state that "Disney is not responsible for misplaced, lost or stolen tickets."

If you buy your tickets at the gate, save the receipt, since that can also be used to look up lost tickets. A receipt from a non-Disney source, such as AAA or a ticket broker, won't have any information that helps with replacing tickets, so it is especially important to make a photocopy if you get your tickets that way.

Even a regular receipt from the Disney Store won't have your ticket numbers on it, though reader Kathy R reports that her local Disney Store gave her a separate receipt with the pass numbers on it. I don't know if all Disney Stores do this. If you don't see a serial number on your receipt that matches the info on the back of your tickets, be sure to make a photocopy.

Take a photo of your ticket with your cell phone or camera so you have it on you at all times in the event you lose your tickets!!!!

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